What’s next for cryptocurrencies in 2021, according to 4 experts – Markets Insider

Bitcoin representation in London, England.

Cryptocurrency prices have been somewhat quiet this month against a backdrop of increased scrutiny from regulators, and as those with interest in the market pay close attention to daily developments.

Insider spoke to four industry executives – whose expertise spans retail and institutional adoption, collectible non-fungible tokens, and decentralized finance – to give us their predictions for what lies ahead.

State regulatory clampdowns

“Regulation will hurt crypto. We’re already seeing how things like crackdowns over bitcoin mining in China and scrutiny over global exchanges like Binance have caused panic in the markets. Governments should be in favor of innovation, but right now we’re seeing a lot of governments step in and try to regulate a sector that they don’t even fully understand.” – Colin Pape, founder of decentralized search engine Presearch.

He hopes cryptocurrencies are given the space to thrive and bring real freedom and financial stability to “people who have been let down by the way things have always been done.”

Further price volatility

Some strategists are keeping a close eye on price volatility.

“There are many factors at play, including regulation and the upcoming ethereum upgrade (on August 4), that could drive price fluctuations,” Pape said, adding that staying rational when it comes to decision making is important.

An explosion of new crypto products

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